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September 22 2010

How to Knit a Yarn Over Stitch

knit a yarn over stitch

To knit a yarn over all you need to do is loop the yarn around your right hand needle counterclockwise, or back to front.

Once you begin to graduate from merely knitting and purling stitches you are going to begin to learn a few other little tricks that can really make a difference in whether or not you can do some of the more complex knitting patterns. Increasing and decreasing rows is certainly one of those types of techniques. A yarn over stitch is one example of a way to increase stitching.

Yarn over also makes a small hole in the row and is often combined with a “knit two together stitch” to create a little arched gap in your knitting. You must always use an increase along with a decrease like this if you want to keep the same number of stitches in a row and not actually increase. (...)
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