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September 24 2010

Easy Instructions to Make a Knitted Dishcloth in a Afternoon

free pattern for knitted dish cloth

Knitting dishcloths are a great way for new knitters to practice different stitches as well as start a project that can be completed in an afternoon. Advanced knitters can whip up a whole set in even less time!

I figured my grandma must be really hard on dishcloths. She seemed to knit them by the dozen. Now that I’ve been doing some knitting of my own, I realize that she probably did them to relax.

Simple dishcloths are a satisfying project to tackle when you don’t have time to do more complicated patterns. Dish cloths are also a good project for beginners because the patterns are usually quite simple and there is endless variety so you can practice different knitting methods or stitches.

I will forever have plenty of dishcloths lying around. A new color for every day, a new pattern for every season.

When I first started knitting, I asked my grandma to teach me her pattern for making dishcloths. (...)
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September 15 2010

How to Get Started Knitting: Easy Projects for Beginners

how to get started knitting

Ready to to get started knitting? Start with a simple project and focus on the basics.

Beginning knitting isn’t rocket science but it does require some persistence. I recommend starting out with smaller projects that require you to perfect your stitching technique. Beginning knitting on something simple like a scarf is advisable as opposed to a more advanced project such as a hat.

Although there are some complicated scarf patterns available, a scarf is a great project for beginning knitting because you get to focus on the tension and stitches and not worry about various patterns. Most importantly, when beginning knitting is that you learn to keep consistent and loose tension on the yarn. (...)
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