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September 24 2010

Easy Instructions to Make a Knitted Dishcloth in a Afternoon

free pattern for knitted dish cloth

Knitting dishcloths are a great way for new knitters to practice different stitches as well as start a project that can be completed in an afternoon. Advanced knitters can whip up a whole set in even less time!

I figured my grandma must be really hard on dishcloths. She seemed to knit them by the dozen. Now that I’ve been doing some knitting of my own, I realize that she probably did them to relax.

Simple dishcloths are a satisfying project to tackle when you don’t have time to do more complicated patterns. Dish cloths are also a good project for beginners because the patterns are usually quite simple and there is endless variety so you can practice different knitting methods or stitches.

I will forever have plenty of dishcloths lying around. A new color for every day, a new pattern for every season.

When I first started knitting, I asked my grandma to teach me her pattern for making dishcloths. (...)
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