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Consider Learning How to Knit on a Loom

learn to knit on a loom

Knitting on a loom is much faster and easier to learn than knitting with needles

There are two way of going about nearly anything. There is a hard way, and an easy way. Keep in mind that I didn’t say there was a hard way and a way that requires no work, everything requires some amount of effort, but what we are talking about is the amount of effort required to get something done. In the realm of learning how to knit there is a hard way and a much easier way. You’ll still have to learn how to do certain things regardless of which you choose, but one way is far simpler.

One way of knitting is to use needles, this is the hard way. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way, there are millions of people out there who love knitting with needles and will never do it any other way regardless of how many other ways there are to do it. Knitting with needles is an ancient and traditional method and allows for a great degree of potential craftsmanship and handmade quality. But I say potential because very few individuals ever reach the stage of true craftsmanship when it comes to needle knitting. (...)
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